Clinisorb – Super Absorbent Granules for the Sanitary Disposal . . .

Clinisorb was originally designed for the medical industry to provide safe removal of Medical Liquid Waste. But its simple and rapid cleanup of spills makes it ideal for restaurants, cafes, tiled areas. In fact, Clinisorb should be used almost everywhere.

Simply sprinkle the powder over the spill. The granules will solidify the solution into a gel. This gel can then be easily removed without dripping. No more trail of drips! Clinisorb will absorb up to 30 times its own weight in liquid. 200g of Clinisorb will absorb 6 litres of liquid.

Because Clinisorb was originally designed for hospitals it will kill germs quickly. It is ideal for cleaning up blood, urine and vomit as well as a spilt drink.

Designed for use in:

Health Care Centres, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Medical Practices, Dental Practices, Ambulance Services, First Aid Rooms, Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and all public facilities

Ideal for:

Schools, Hotels, Motels, Public Transport Vehicles, Home Health Care and the Work Place.

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